– Prof. Olufemi Adeyinka Adesina –
Dean, August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2025

Together we can work and speak with one voice to

  • initiate and develop a strategic plan for the Faculty that will guide the decisions we make and point to the directions in which the Faculty should go in years to come;
  • prioritize promotion and increase the momentum of the appropriate and fair review exercise of colleagues;
  • aggressively pursue institutionalizing endowment funds in the Faculty and having a central purse to be managed by a committee (Dean and Vice Dean WILL not be members) of people with integrity and vision. Proceeds from this fund will complement funds coming from the University Management for each Department and can be used for consumables in the laboratories, research equipment, etc or as directed appropriately by the committee;
  • work with the University Management to de-freeze more academic and technical positions to lessen our workload;
  • work with the University Management and lobby other interest groups to ensure that the proposed additional building for Biological Sciences is prioritized;
  • work with other university organs to see to the actualization of the Science Laboratory Technology Programme;
  • work with Heads of Departments to review our curriculum in line with relevant standards;
  • work with Heads of Departments to ensure that the tutorial aspects of our courses are done in a practical and effective way;
  • initiate a job fair for our final year and postgraduate students. Cognate Faculties will be carried along in this regard;
  • work with relevant university units, Heads of Departments and existing committee to improve our website and give the Faculty and our Departments web presence and visibility that they deserve;
  • engage and partner philanthropists to set up cottage industries in which the Faculty has technical know-how, i.e. paints, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and their recycling. Each Department, where appropriate, will be encouraged in this direction.
  • deepen our engagements with the Centre for Energy and Research Developments which is an integral part of the Faculty;
  • give more support to the Faculty Postgraduate Committee to have smooth and seamless running;
  • work with Departments to encourage interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research;
  • seek the support of University Management and interested partners to renovate our buildings and make some of our lecture rooms more student-friendly;
  • seek fund to illuminate and beautify our environment;
  • work with relevant university organs to organize grant seeking and writing workshop for
  • strengthen our MOU’s (and have more) with our partners within and outside the country to make them more efficient and more fruitful;
  • explore measures to give Ife Journal of Science more visibility; put mechanism in place to expand the Faculty of Science Conference and Science Quiz Competition in Secondary Schools in the area of sponsorship and catchment; and
  • re-establish link with the donors of Prof. Dapo Afolabi Award and Adetunmbi Computer Pool and lobby them to do more. Engage other individuals of like minds to institute more awards of recognition to deserving colleagues in the Faculty.

The Dean’s Office, in addition to the routine activities, is working with Faculty scientists, Alumni and private sector in a drive to attracting research funds and facilities to the different Departments in the Faculty. This is with the view to positioning the Faculty to produce viable research results that have local and international significance.

In addition, many of our young colleagues from different Departments are undergoing training leading to PhD in various institutions abroad. Capacity building through postgraduate training of staff, seminars, workshops and conferences is being pursued vigorously.

It is noteworthy that many of our alumni in private and public sectors are contributing effectively to socio-economic development of the nation.


  1. To provide academic support for students to enter the global economy with the ability to apply what they learn while in the Faculty to variety of ever-changing situations in the world.
  2. To build a strong academic & administrative partnership and linkages within and outside the Faculty.
  3. To provide services that are relevant to stimulate the Faculty, the local community and the nation as a whole.
  4. To establish one of the most functional and responsive Faculty offices in the University.
  5. Adequate keeping of records and statistics on staff establishment matters.
  6. To care for welfare of all staff
  7. To promote external and Internal scientific collaborations and exchanges
  8. To review Departmental Curricula in line with global best practices
  9. To increase of the establishment quota of both teaching and non-teaching staff for improved performance